In Slovakia, food is mainly made from potatoes, cabbage and cheese.

The national dish is the Bryndzové Halusky. This is potatoes dumplings with cheese (goat or sheep) and pieces of bacon.

Bryndzové Halusky

There is also the kapustnica, it’s a soup with cabbage and smoked sausages.


Concerning desserts, there is palacinky. It’s pancakes sometimes boiled with rum and stuffed with different ingredients (chocolate, ice…).


The Slovak specialty (since the 14th century) is the honey cake “Medovnik“.


The Kofola is a soft drink who at first sight looks like Coca-Cola. But there is just the visual aspect. This soft drink is basically a sweet and sour syrup. It’s the first soft drink on the Slovak market. It is made from 14 plants. After trying, YES the taste of plants is very present in the mouth.


By Mathilde Petiteau and Manon Rosset

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